Over 400,000 Web Apps Have Been Downloaded Into Robin's Smart Bar™

  • the Smart Bar™

    Robin leverages a technique called site specific browsing to create a dedicated web browsing instance for each one of your favorite web apps.

  • Web App Library

    A new way to collect, download and switch between your Web Apps. Simply click the new grid icon in the lower left hand corner to get to your Library.

  • Browse your history

    Robins's history browser provides a clean, easy to read list of the pages you've visited with a preview pane.

  • Read Your Bookmarks

    Simply visit your Bookmarks list and click the "T" icon to read the articles you've collected in just text only mode.

  • Need A Suggestion?

    Simply start typing what you want and Robin scours your history, bookmarks and favorites. Not what you want? Simply hit return and we'll search Google.

  • Menu Items

    Robin debutes with a handful of default menu items. Menu items are like toolbar buttons found in most browsers.